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Written on Sunday, January 4th 2015
As Night lovingly embraced Sky, her lover
And brought him down to her bosoms
Man sheltered themselves and fell still;
Not even their breathing was heard
While Stars danced above, lustful
Seducing before the lone, aroused Moon
Without Sun acknowledging their betrayal
Without Horizon witnessing their caresses
Then what story did mankind hold?
Too afraid to step into Darkness' domain
Too frail to bear the cold Frostbite;
Just hiding under the shade of blankets, shivering
That no soul under the Heaven said a word
That no tavern sang songs of the old
For there be only Silence, her and only existing
Inside the hearts of mortal, which perished in time
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Careless Whispers
Careless Whispers
Twenty entities were presented
Worn and dressed with blue and white
Their bottoms and backs were to tied to chairs
While their finger bones locked their pens tightly
And their hands hold the papers firmly
Their eyes were scavenging the answers for the test
Either from their own work
Or from their closest partner's piece
For the nineteen, everything was legal to do
But not for the one
Not for the littlest boy with short and black hair
He did the test alone
The teacher was standing amidst them
Patrolling and roaming in the seeking of unfairness
Her eyes were focus and sharp
Examining every inches in range
Like what an eagle does
Her ears were sensitive
Every single noise rang inside them clearly
Nothing could be missed
Not for now
An hour passed
She began to surrender against time
Her eyes were growing weak and sleepy
She took her glasses off
To let her eyes rested and eased
But her vision became dark and blurry
Shadowed against the twenty faces
She saw nothing
But her
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The Winter Sonata
The Winter Sonata
Cherry was staring at the pale sky
Using her brown and small eyes
Snow was starting to fell
Piece by piece of ice touched the ground
Gathering into layers of glacial white
Her silvers furs felt cold and shivered
As the winter wind blew into them
Gently touched her skin with its chilly breath
Freezing her blood slowly
In her carmine veins
The weather became colder and colder
The wind was not soft anymore
But she persisted to remain there
Staying near the unclosed window
Rather than comforting before the heat of fire
Aglow far behind her visage
She gazed upon the field of snow
Longingly she restarted her memories
When she played and spent most of her life
On that field of flowers and blooms
A long ago
But there was no blossom left on the scene
Than the thick frosting white
Which had buried their calyx
Inside their own soil
To become their grave
There was no leaves left on the trees
All gone and withered as seasons changed
All died in their long sleep
Waiting for the spr
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The Will of Life
The Will of Life
The dawn was breaking upon the sky
Forms of grey cloud turned into sepia
The darkness was leaving the world
As swallows soared and flew up high
Singing their songs of the morning
To greet a new day
Coming against the shadow of night
The sun was rising before its height
Awaking people from their sleep
While the morning wind blew my face
Softly it washed my doubt and exhaustion
After the long way to pursue my destination
By moving my leg along the rocky road
I was sweating and my lungs gasping for breath
As I climbed the steep hills
Reaching up to the meadow
To witness the dawn rising from below
Before anyone else did
My sneakers firmly stepped on the field of grass
Which plain and prosper with its living trees
Their green buds were fertile
Their solid stems were growing
Their roots were deepening
For everyday
For every second passed
Fresh air filled my lungs
To recover my stamina
I breathed the sighs of relief
My destination was so close
Only one more
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My Name is Michael :iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 2 8 Balance In Nature :iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 7 10 My Dodge Dart II :iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 8 11 My Dodge Dart :iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 7 11
Many Friends To Chide
Many Friends To Chide
The sun fades every single sunset
And so my days always ended
The evening wind breezes every single night
Across the ocean to the sandy shore
To where I stand every day
To where I spend the rest of my life
Although I have friends
But they never have me
How likely they are
Many friends to chide me when I do something wrong
Many friends to chide me when I fail them
Many friends to chide me when I'm down
I am not a perfect being
And so all of you
They recall my anguish
They recall my failures
They recall my badness
They recall my flaws
Many friends to leave me when I'm alone
Many friends to leave me when I'm weak
Many friends to spit at my face
When I can't be what they like
Many friends to cause my tears
Many friends to cause my downs
Many friends to cause my heart bleed
I've got the wounds that can never heal
You're the ones who start them
And so you're the ones who must stop them
Many friends to chide me when I say something wrong
Many friends to
:iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 27 46
What a Fair World
What a Fair World
Today the sky is much darker than yesterday
Dark cloud shades every single corner of the street
Blocks every spot the sunlight can breach
But I am standing still
Hoping the rain to fall faster
To cover the tears which fall from my eyes
Then flow through my cheek
And drop to the ground
I plead
What a fair world
To ignore my rants and cries
Just like passing wind through a forest
I can never sound myself
Against its cruel, black heart alone
I plead
What a fair world
To forsake my presence
Like a crow hanging on the window
Then hushed to go away
By the owner of the house
By the owners of this world
I plead
What a fair world
To let me fight alone
To let me choose my darkest ways
Lead not to my destiny
No one can help me
To share the burden
Of the pen and of the book
Of the ink and of the blood
Of the bone and of the flesh
I use to write
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Behind The Nothingness
Behind The Nothingness
I used to play here everyday
Alone and with no light
Behind an ashen, big board
People calls as a piano
My fingers were dancing
With the old, cranky piano keys
And rhyming with all the chords and melodies I know
All the black and white
Became one amidst shadow
Behind the nothingness, I played wild
Raging and fighting against the false melodies
Sounded as I pressed the wrong parts of the song
This ears can never hear well
But my failures rang inside them
Behind the nothingness, my fingers kept playing
Without audience to sit before me
Without clapping hands to sound appreciation
Without a figure or even a shadow
Than the overwhelming darkness around me
Neither do I know
I closed my eyes or opened them
But I kept rounding with the same song
To finish what I had started
Behind the nothingness I have
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The World of Black and White
The World of Black and White
Written by michael.m
On Friday, April 6th 2012
I never know is it morning or dark
I never know is it a beauty or a failure
I never know which road I am treading on
I just know how to walk and walk
With all the rest of my power
And with my eyes closed
The wind blows my face gently
Brings me cold and chill to my ashen skin
Finally I find my own freedom
After so long I was a prisoner
Of my routines and boring days
But not anymore
The scent of flowers softly fills my lungs
With the aromas I never smell before
Sweet like the Scily Isles
But tender like roses
I believe there is a garden laid before me
But how far and how big
I never know
Lone grasses and dandelions gracefully touch my hand
Softly linger with my fingers
I can feel the softness of silk
And the comfort of cotton's fiber
I'm so happy
To find that my anguish and despair are gone
But then suddenly I stop
All the feelings disappear
All lost
I realize that my eyes are blind
And m
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The Everlasting Night
The Everlasting Night
Written by michael.m
On Tuesday, April 3rd 2012
The night has fallen over the sky
The stars are shining above our heads
While the moon stares longingly
Right to her beauty all man ever wants
How I recall myself the luckiest man in this world
To have my love sitting in front of me
To realize such a beauty lies inside her soul
My days are never the same
What a gorgeous velvety dress she wears
Beautiful like the flowers growing in her garden
Soft and smooth like her skin
And red like her cherish cheek
Which rosy as I hold her hands
Inside mine
The evening wind blows her hair gently
Softly wipes her brown, untied hair
Away from her forehead
She grows more beautiful and beautiful
As her hair gracefully levitate to the sky
And then falls back
Gentle like a feather drops
Without any harm
The candles are glowing against the darkness
Giving soft and warm light to her face
What a sweetest smile she gives to me
That smile brings us both warmth and comfort
Then she as
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Written by michael.m
On Wednesday, March 28th 2012
The light is fading
And the eyes are getting weak
Please take me home with you
Then I'll be fine tomorrow
The noises are cracking
And your sound is getting far away
Please stay with me and say that you love me
Then I'll hear none of my misery
The aromas are vile
And the scents are sickening
Please guide me to your flower garden
Then I'll be free to smell freedom
The rats shat on the dinner
And the food turns into poison
Please invite me to you feast
Then I'll rejoice to taste all I want
The skin is rotting
And the flesh will become ashes one day
Please sound your prayers for me
So the Requiem will never happen
And your tear will never fall
To grieve
:iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 14 15
Furs And Claws
Furs And Claws
Night has fallen over the world
Turning it into silence and echoes
Lamp lights create a soft light around the street
Shading every single corner
Where all the black cats law low
In the waiting for the sun
To disappear from the sky
So they can jump and roam
From verandahs to verandahs
Without ever being noticed by the people around
Softly the fall to the ground without any harm
They are the felines and shadows
They are the furs and claws
Beware or they will hurt you
With their overwhelming number
:iconheavenlytouch:heavenlytouch 35 24
What Is The Meaning Of All ?
What Is The Meaning Of All ?
Written by michael.m
On Thursday, March 29th 2012
What is the meaning of life
When you know that you will be forgotten
Like a foot trail over the sandy shore
Which vanished as high tide washes
The memories it had passed alone
What is the meaning of love
When you know that your desire can never be satisfied
Like fiery flame burning against hay
There will be no end, even to say enough
Until everything turn into ashes
And nothing remain to be burnt
What is the meaning of a friend
When you know that someday you will be despised
Like withering leaves against the Autumn
Someday will fall and then thrown into the mouth of fire
Because you have nothing to benefit them
What is the meaning of a hope
When you know that one day you will fail
Like a seedling planted on the barren soil
Which can never grow and deepen its root
But dead and rot alone
Which can never bring you a second chance
To decide the way of your life
What is the meaning of a family
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Fella Around the World, Winners Announced!
 Fella, the international man of mystery and intrigue, is back

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 Italy, and Japan were only a few of the places he stopped on his

 exploration journey and after spending the last month traveling

 the globe in search of fantastic friends and exotic locales he's

 ready for a little rest and relaxation.

 But first he'd like to share a few of his favorite memories.

Grand prize: $100 deviantDOLLARS and two deviantWEAR shirts

Devio in love in Turin by *dtredici

1st prize: $50 deviantDOLLARS and one deviantWEAR shirt

Fella Sees Philadelphia by *Kizziesama

2nd prize: $25
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Blood Crusade
Blood Crusade:
They rode upon the backs of thundering horses
for faith had unleashed a terrible beast
These men would offer their souls in service
to the dark unholy priests...
"To what end do we serve our Lord and Master
is justice not the ultimate form of faith?
Should we not stand and fight in his name
to cleanse the Earth of this heathen waste!"

It was these orators, chaplains of faith;
men of the cloth who bore a fire
They lit their brothers with impassioned speeches
fueled by their own desire...
They taught their followers that blood was faith
and devotion was found at the edge of a blade
"Blessed is the mind too small for doubt
for the faithful shall never be swayed..."

The men who accepted them, though pure at heart
would soon be eaten by Lust and Greed
For Wrath had become a norm of existence
and death became a Templar's creed...
But woe betide the man who slaughters
for his soul shall be forever stained
And no penance may ever remove this grief;
for hi
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Write Off - The Shortlist!
So it all comes down to this: read on to discover the final Shortlist from May’s Write Off!
Last Saturday, we held three quick-fire writing prompts in our chatroom. Members had just twenty minutes to write a piece from a random prompt ^^;  Collectively, they produced nineteen pieces in about two hours. Seven of those were entered into our prize draw to win a three-month premium subscription!
Our admins have chosen their four favourites from those entries. Now it’s down to you, our lovely members, to vote for the winner!
We’ve put the shortlisted pieces into a poll: have a read over them and please vote for your favourite (they’re only short).
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We’re currently planning our next Write Off for June, at a time whi
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I hold my lover's body, my face wet with tears.
Color gradually drains from his face
As Death closes its fingers around his neck.
He stiffens into a frozen marble statue
As his body becomes cold and white beneath my fingers,
Lifeless in my embrace.
Angels descend upon me
As my eyes open to light brighter than the sun.
Whiteness without boundaries, texture or substance
Envelops me in an embrace.
I reach with my childlike hands,
Innocent and smooth,
As the white breaks open to reveal
Sand in its purest form,
Untouched by the wind.
:iconmanigran:Manigran 15 25
Writing Prompt ~ Lost and Found
We apologize for the recent delays with prompt matters, but we're back on track and looking forward to your submissions. :D
Featuring those who submitted to the previous writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, featured in style, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!
The piece that stood out to me most was:

The imagery and unique presentation of this piece speak for themselves; it's quite a lovely composition.
For those of you who use the writing prompt, please remember to put the Live-Love-Write icon in your artist's comments if using the prompt, and please submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week!
Please keep in mind that if you do not see your submission here, you have not read the submission rules and/or you have not included some variation of Live-Love-Write in your Artist's Comments. The Wr
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KickFlip for the Cause Contest
Create a skate deck design for one of the four bands that will be shredding up the stage at this Summer's Vans Warped Tour and support the work of Boarding for Breast Cancer! Even better, winners walk away with some awesome prizes! Boarding for Breast Cancer, is a non-profit organization educating young people on breast cancer awareness and breast health. We're asking you, the artists of deviantART, to join Fearless Records and Hooligan Skateboards to benefit this great cause and to support the work of Boarding 4 Breast Cancer.

Here's the mash-up: The Vans Warped Tour, Cancer Education, Four Killer Bands, A Kick-Ass Skateboard Company – and – The Artists of deviantART!
Create a skate deck design for one of the four bands that will be shredding up the stage at this Summer's Vans Warped Tour and support the work of Boarding for Breast Cancer!
Boarding for Breast Cancer, is a non
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WOW ! Even in the first second I see this piece, I can feel such a deep emotion lies inside it. About the 'blurry' visage, I catch the ...

by Aeirmid

The first second I gaze upon this picture, I can feel such a deep emotion lives inside it ! The purity of the colors and the idea you u...

Well, this one is quite easy-listening for me. The lyrics are simple and easy to remember. But, there are few things that blur the "Vis...



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Michael Muliadi
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi everyone !!! :)
My name is Michael Muliadi. You can call me Michael for short. I believe I'm not too young to participate in deviantART, am I ? ;)
Currently I live in Indonesia, my residence is Bandung, West Java. I started to love LITERATURE since I was 13 years old. IT is an important part of my life, because without IT my days will be ever boring....
I hope that I can befriend with EVERYBODY here to share my dreams along with them.
Thanks for visiting my page ! :heart::heart::heart:

I'm member of:


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If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'


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This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus softwares are not capable of destroying it.

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'...




Hopefully this hacker will be taken care of. Until then, watch out

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